Selling your property? A new Sole Agency Marketing Package Deal.

Property for sale

Selling your property can be a headache. Many times vendors feel unsure where to start from. What selling price to position the property on the market and how best to expose the property. Once an agreement has been reached, what is the next step?

Listing your property with a professional agency will ensure that your concerns are addressed but most of all your property will have the necessary exposure to help you find a buyer.  Having a professional agency taking care of the sale of your property will give you peace of mind that the listing agent, will be actively working on selling your property delivering results as swiftly as possible.

What is our commitment?

As an agency, we pride ourselves to offer the best possible support to vendors and buyers. Not only, we ensure that both vendors and buyers are happy with the transaction. We shall remain present throughout the journey from signing of the promise of sale, to final deed. This involves all the steps needed to take care of during the promise of sale period.

What happens after an appointment is set?

The listing agent, visits the property and discusses with the vendor the property itself, understands the time frames for the sale of the property and whether a valuation is required. Thereon, a price is established.  If the vendor has a set price in mind and it is beyond market value, the agent will inform the vendor accordingly.  Ultimately, it is the vendor to decide the selling price desired for their property. As professionals we always inform our clients when the property price is way above market value and the difficulties one might encounter in selling the property.

The agents will explain the benefits of listing a property with our agency and the respective commissions payable whether the property will be listed as an open agency or a sole agency. A set of photos are usually taken on the day and an inspection form together with an agency agreement are filled and signed. A copy of the plan will also be requested.

The property will be then vetted and uploaded on our system and exposed on the website and other digital/non digital platforms.

What is the difference between an Open agency and Sole agency agreement?

This is a frequently asked question by prospective vendors. 

The difference is not only in lower commission rates payable, however, the agency provides a number of attractive benefits for the vendor to list a property as a Sole Agency.

📣 Lower commission rates paid

📣 Dealing with one agency and not several agencies 

📣 If the property is not habitable, you have one company responsible for the keys 

📣 Continuous feedback on your property sale 

📣 One market price rather than having your property marketed at different prices 

📣 A tailor- made marketing package to maximise your exposure 

Northern Properties has recently launched a new Sole Agency Marketing Package which gives the vendor an edge when exposing their property.  Through our new package, the property will have strong exposure on various digital platforms, professional photography, staging of property and much more.

How do I find out about the new Sole Agency Marketing Package?

If you are a prospective vendor even if your property is already on the market as an open agency, you can still contact us either by filling a form on our website www.northernpropertiesmalta.com, or by calling us on + 356 2010 5070 or simply by finding us on Facebook and dropping a message.

We will contact you to fix an appointment free of charge without any listing obligations. 

Should you decide to list the property with us as a Sole Agency, one of our agents will explain the whole procedure, giving the prospective vendor the peace of mind that the property is well taken care of.

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