“We are on top of our game”… Why choose Northern Properties?

1.Hard Work

Hard work, dedication and nailing the basic skills is what we do on a day to day basis. We are genuinely passionate about our work. Our love for marketing, communicating with customers and negotiations keeps us constantly on top of our game.

Finding buyers their perfect home is not an easy task. It is not easy to tick all the boxes especially when our young couples are on a tight budget, but, for us this is a challenge and we ensure that our clients are given all the hand holding needed to make this transition as smooth as possible.

At Northern Properties we ensure to go the extra mile, leaving our customers with a good experience, recommendation and signature is what we pride ourselves in.

2. Connecting with people

We constantly brand ourselves. Communicating skills are of paramount importance at Northern Properties. Buyers and sellers need to feel that they can trust us and understand that we will never leave them alone during this special and delicate moment of their lives. As consultants we are constantly networking and using different social media platforms to connect with our potential and current customers.


The art of negotiation is key when purchasing a property. The agent must keep balance between vendor and buyer to be able to get through with the deal and ensure that both parties are happy. Negotiation skills is what makes an agent different from another.

4.The experience

For a real estate agent, the buyer is not only the customer, however, our customers are also the sellers and brokers but most of all our customers are each and every consultant and employee within the agency as we strongly believe that a healthy and happy working atmosphere will give better results.

sell or let their house – that’s what they entrusted you to do – it’s how you make that experience memorable that will get those clients to remember and recommend you.”

5.Building trust

We understand the industry we work in. Transmitting our knowledge to our customers, whilst being real and build trust comes natural to us. We are passionate about what we do, therefore, engaging with customers is never a struggle. Having our customer’s best interest at heart is what we strive to achieve.


We are true specialists of the North and now we pride ourselves that we are growing and offering our service also in the center of Malta. Visit our website for a great variety of property and meet our consultants. We are also a message or a phone call away.

At Northern Properties we will make it “An easier way home”!