What are you ready to compromise when buying a property?

Compromise may place us in front of difficult decisions especially when the decision includes buying what arguably is, the largest investment of our lives. Why do we have to compromise in the first place? Although, the budget might serve to buy a comfortable property for us or our family, it is only in human nature […]

Shall I buy on plan or too risky?

Given the option, people often prefer to buy a ready built property rather than buying on plan.  Not everyone can understand a plan, visualise or appreciate the benefits derived from considering a purchase on plan. You do not need to see this step as a risky move as this could be one of the best […]

6 tips to consider when furnishing your home

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of moving, it can feel just as overwhelming to figure out where to start when turning your new space into a home. But it doesn’t have to be so scary—moving into a new house or apartment can actually be a beautiful, exciting new chapter. By visualizing the atmosphere, you […]

Do you know everything you need to know about Malta?

To make your move easier and smoother, here is what you need to know about the Maltese Islands. Choosing Malta as a holiday destination or to relocate is a wise choice. The fantastic weather for most of the year, the beaches the island is surrounded with, fantastic cuisine and all the heritage, architecture and history […]

Short guide when applying for a bank loan

1. I have money saved and I am looking for a property to buy. How will I know whether I am entitled for a bank loan? First of all one has to fix an appointment with a bank before even starting to look for a property. Banks in general ask for a deposit (min: 10%) […]

Best Real Estate & Property Entrepreneur of the year Award 2018

We are true specialists of the North and now we pride ourselves that we are growing and offering our service also in the center of Malta. Visit our website for a great variety of property and meet our consultants. We are also a message or a phone call away.

“We are on top of our game”… Why choose Northern Properties?

1.Hard Work Hard work, dedication and nailing the basic skills is what we do on a day to day basis. We are genuinely passionate about our work. Our love for marketing, communicating with customers and negotiations keeps us constantly on top of our game. Finding buyers their perfect home is not an easy task. It […]

Signing a Promise of Sale. Do I know it all?

Prior to signing a promise of sale, it is very important that the below is revised. Price Agreed Payment terms agreed If there is any ground rent What is included in the price Terms and conditions to be specified in promise of sale Copy of plans with measurements if buying off plan Details list of finishes if buying […]