Why rent a property with us?

With our main focus being the Northern side of Malta, we have placed ourselves at the very heart of the area to be of service to people like you, looking for their home or to find their summer residence.

Being established since 2011, our company boasts of exceptional reputation throughout both with landlords and tenants who continuously walk through our doors for repeat business.

Our dedicated letting specialists are constantly on the lookout for new properties to increase our portfolio and service our clients with professionality and charisma. 

Tenants are introduced to the landlord as soon as the property is chosen and all arrangements will be done, a lease agreement will be signed. 

Our vast portfolio offers a variety of properties, from luxurious villas to a one bedroom apartment.  

Benefits for renting a property

It is very understandable that owning a home would be the ideal situation, however, this may seem to be very difficult with the current market prices, therefore, saving the deposit, notarial fees, architect fees and any taxes that need to be paid can be overwhelming.  Renting a property can be an alternative if owning a home seems to be an impossible mission.

  • Financial flexibility
  • Career flexibility
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No market risk
  • You do not pay taxes or insurance directly
  • No cash outlay required
  • Some bills are also included in the rental price.