The picturesque and quaint village of Mellieha

A picturesque and quaint village of Mellieha

Mellieha is situated in the northwest part of Malta.  It’s unique and picturesque scenes makes anyone fall in love with it come rain or shine. It is a popular tourist destination mainly during the summer months. Mellieha has been developed under the British colonization.  For a long time the village was neglected until the Maltese were encouraged to settle in Mellieha.

Today the village has flourished and one finds spectacular villas mainly in Santa Maria Estate, apartments by the sea and terraced houses and apartments inland also giving you the feel good factor of tranquility.

Mellieha boasts of beautiful bays and one finds the largest bay which is Mellieha Bay, Armier Bay, Ramla Bay, Paradise Bay, Mgiebah Bay, Mistra Bay and Golden Bay.

Historical places of this picturesque village

The most prominent feature is the church built in baroque style and its architecture makes it magical in the evening and breathtaking during the day.

Surrounding the village one finds a number of natural getaways which are very popular amongst the locals.  A nice walk at the Mizieb or admiring priceless views from Selmun with views reaching St.Paul’s islands up to the Aquarium. Whilst at it, one can appreciate the history this village entertains, including the old army barracks.

St.Agatha’s Tower, The Red Tower, Tunnara Museum and the war shelter are all places one can visit and enjoy a throw back in the past.  Popeye Village park was built for the filming in 1980 and today still attracts tourists and locals alike.

Places of entertainment and winding down

Mellieha offers all sorts of facilities and amenities, from supermarkets, convenience stores, hairdressing salons, massage parlors, beauty services, restaurants, bars and hotels to souvenir shops and apart hotels for holiday rentals.

Purchasing a property in Mellieha

Purchasing a property in Mellieha has now become more affordable.  Mellieha gives the opportunity for a first time buyer to purchase an apartment in a quaint and quiet village, a tourist renting a property in Mellieha gives the luxury to explore the beautiful beaches this village has to offer and investors are now more inclined to invest their finances in this village given the increase in demand from locals and foreigners to reside in Mellieha.